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Is there a “forever” roof? What’s the best type of roof system?

Forever Roof

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What’s the best type of roof? Is there a “forever” roof system? This is a Decra Shake XD roof in Westover Hills, Tx. This is a specialty metal roof made up of a stone-coated steel. We originally inspected this roof about a month ago while the homeowner completes an extensive remodel and wanted to make sure the roof was going to protect their investment from the rain. We scanned the house with the thermal camera and found there was in fact a small leak in a valley, around 2 pipe boots, and skylights. Now, this roof system is 25 years old… and as far as we can tell hasn’t been touched much, if any. Throughout the 25 years, this roof has been through multiple hail storms and definitely seen it’s fair share of damaging UV light. Amazingly, there was little to no damage to the roof at all. We were able to make the simple repairs needed to hopefully keep this roof system on here for another 25 years with routine maintenance. That’s about as “forever” as it gets for a roof (especially in Texas) and has surely earned the title of “one of the best”.

Decra offers many different styles of roof systems, and we proudly install and service all of them.

Just a reminder, we offer:

  • All types of roofing, from simple repairs to specialty and full replacement.
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