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Insurance Claims

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Insurance Claim Specialists

We have assisted THOUSANDS of property owners with their insurance claims from start to finish to ensure all work is not only completed properly, but done so with as little out of pocket as legally allowed.

We care to help you protect what matters most: your home. At GreenLight, we strive for your home to be repaired correctly as fast as possible and as cost-effective as possible. Our team will inspect your entire property (not just the roof) and complete a professional report. Insurance claims don’t have to be stressful… Let GreenLight be your Guiding Light. We are here to serve you. 

The Insurance Claim Process

Your GreenLight claims advocate will walk you through all of the following steps:

Insurance Claim Process

We have a highly trained group of insurance professionals that specialize in building relationships with insurance companies and insurance adjusters. We have worked hard to build a good reputation with a large number of insurance adjusters and companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our team is here to serve you and make sure that all parties involved get what is needed to complete the process from start to finish. We will work with your claim in a fast, friendly, and professional manner.

Insurance Claim

Knowledge is Power

A knowledgeable professional completing repairs on the damage to your roof and helping navigate you through the insurance claim process will help maintain the resale value of your home. After a storm, it’s typical to see many people acting as professionals come from everywhere to fix your roof. You’ve probably heard that you need to be careful about such individuals going door-to-door, but in the confusion after a big storm, it’s easy to be taken in.
If a contractor does come knocking on your door to solicit your business, do some research. Spend some time checking into the company to ensure that it has a good reputation and has legitimate training, insurance and licensing to perform the needed work. 

Training is Key

Insurance is a constantly-changing industry. We stay on the leading edge of the industry to best serve our customers. Knowledgeable inspectors consider your entire roof on a systems basis to evaluate damage and determine whether minor or significant repairs will be required. Qualified inspectors also undergo thorough training to locate hard-to-spot damage that could result in roof failure and compromise your home’s safety. 

Deductible Assistance

Not only do we offer LEGAL in-house deductible assistance options, we also offer competitive financing, and FREE upgrades on most claims.

Do you feel like you had a claim unfairly denied?

Was your insurance claim denied or do you feel like you received a small or partial roof settlement from your insurance company? If you are not happy with your insurance settlement, our team and process can help! We have experience in pursuing insurance recovery dollars in a way which is thorough and guarantees you the best possible result in the least amount of time! Remember every customer is entitled to a re-inspection from their insurance company.

We will provide you with all the necessary information, explain the process to you, and help you regarding your insurance claim.
If your roof is leaking or just damaged, it may occur to you to try to fix the damage yourself to avoid the cost of a new roof. If you wish to proceed in filing an insurance claim, it’s not in your best interests to do the work on your own without help from a professional. If your home is fairly new and is under a builder’s warranty, you may believe you’re protected. However, builder’s warranties usually do not cover damage from storms.