New windows in Eagle Mountain Lake, TX! We did these custom ultra high efficiency windows with triple pane replacement this past week and WOW what a difference. Windows are some of our favorite projects. Lots of window orders coming in to beat the summer heat. One of the best ways to lower an electric bill and make a home look beautiful.

The brand-new Ultra High-Efficiency replacement window features low coatings that block UV rays and cuts down on the transfer of heat by as much as 76 percent. The triple-pane window is constructed with low emitting gasses that help to reduce indoor air pollution. Additionally, it has a high R-value which keeps your home warm during winter and cools during summer. The window is Energy Star rated, which means that it has met the stringent requirements for energy efficiency. It is also impervious to the infiltration of air making your home cooler and efficient in energy use.

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Are Triple Pane Windows Worth It?

1. Triple-pane windows are more energy efficient.

There are many factors that can affect the efficiency of energy. The amount of window panes is one of the most significant. Three-pane windows work better than dual-pane windows, which are better than windows with a single pane. The extra glass panes give you greater insulation. It's not just about the glass that provides insulation. Between each pane, there's an insulating gas. Therefore, a triple-glazed window contains five times more layers of insulation than windows with single glazing. The added insulation results in less energy consumption. Indeed, triple-pane windows were listed as one of the most energy-efficient STAR(r) certified products in 2020.1 Therefore, the savings on energy alone can justify the expense, which will pay for themselves over the life of the windows. Be aware that the type of windows that are the best fit for your particular situation may differ in accordance with your locality.

2. Triple-pane windows reduce noise.

The insulation properties of several layers of gas and glass that shield against elements from outside are also a defense against sound from outside. If you live in a large city or in close proximity to a busy highway windows with triple glazing offer advantages in noise reduction, making your home more comfortable than the temperature settings. Generally, three-pane windows have the same thickness. However, increasing the thickness of the glass may increase its insulation properties as well as its ability to block sound also, if you change how thick each pane you can regulate the frequency of sound to achieve additional noise reduction.

3. Triple-pane Low-E windows reflect heat more effectively.

Low-E glass is a standard feature of energy-efficient windows. It blocks out harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Low-E triple-glazed windows offer more excellent protection against the sun's harmful rays which goes far beyond stopping your home from becoming hot. Ultraviolet light could harm your home the same way it could harm the skin. Protecting the interior of your house from UV Rays will help to lessen the wear and tear of flooring fabrics, carpets, and other items which are subjected to direct sunlight through your windows. Reflecting heat helps reduce damage to an additional location in the cooling and heating system. Many homeowners are only thinking about savings in energy. However, when you need to use your AC less often to keep your house cool, it helps reduce the burden on the HVAC system, which can help to reduce maintenance requirements and may even extend the life of your system.

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