Beautiful roof replacement approved we knocked out in Grandview, TX! We LOVE this look. CertainTeed Moire Black Landmark AR Shingle, Black Metal Edging to match, Approved with Safeco Insurance WITH code upgrades! We also gave this house a huge bump in efficiency with new fiberglass Blown-In Attic Insulation. This is the first thing we do on every roof replacement! We don’t want to waste any of your money, and these upgrades will ensure that you have a properly installed roof that will last for many years,

What is CertainTeed Moire Black Landmark AR Shingle

For those who want absolute security, Landmark(r) shingles are the best choice for high-quality, durable shingles to enhance and protect your home. With a dual-layered design that resembles the dimensions of genuine wood shakes, Landmark asphalt shingles offer the highest weight and largest range of colors in their class, allowing homeowners to create or recreate the perfect look for their homes in confidence.

The Benefits of Blown Attic Insulation

Saves Energy

The material is blown in to lock in cooler indoor temperatures in summer. It also prevents the cooled and heated air from getting out. By effectively sealing small crevices and cracks material boosts HVAC efficiency improves indoor comfort and helps save energy. Many homeowners have reported saving up to 50 % on expenses for energy and the cost of installation typically will pay for itself within two to four years.

Fire Protection

Cellulose and fiberglass decrease the danger of fire through the creation of airtight sealing. The seal stops air from escaping small spaces and causing a fire and also igniting the fire.

Quick and Easy Installation

Two experts are able to complete the installation in only a few hours. The material is pumped through the hose directly into the areas that will be covered. If installed by a professional with experience the material will seal wood crossbeams and electrical wires and plumbing pipes, creating a unidirectional protective coating.

Soundproofing Benefits

The blown material forms an airtight seal inside your attic, which blocks out the noise indoors from one area to the next. The sound buffer also minimizes the noise from outside. The overall reduction in noise can make your home more serene, comfortable, and secure.

Reduced Condensation

A sealed airtight material will keep condensation and moisture from your attic. This makes it harder for mold or mildew to grow. It also makes it more difficult for bacteria, and mildew to flourish. It helps prevent the growth of odors and rot, and also prevents moisture and condensation from causing damage to your roof.

More Efficient Than Fiberglass Batting

Studies have shown that blown products are as much as 22 percent more effective than fiberglass bats that have similar R values. The blow-blown material is flexible and therefore can fill all those difficult-to-reach areas and crevices that bats cannot.

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