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What it’s like Living in Fort Worth Texas

Fort Worth Texas Downtown Bridge

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Moving to Fort Worth? This blog post will give you information about what living in Fort Worth Texas is like. Whether you are a tourist, a young professional, or a family moving to a new city, this blog post has information for you. Fort Worth offers something for everyone and is perfect for those who appreciate the outdoors and city life. Keep reading to find out more about this great city.

What it’s like living in Fort Worth

Fort Worth is a fast-growing city in North Central Texas. Fort Worth is Texas’ fifth-largest city, with 874,401 residents. The Fort Worth’s Downtown and city center are great places to live. Young professionals and families are relocating to the area because of its job market, culture, and southern hospitality.

Downtown Fort Worth Texas
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Is Fort Worth, Texas a good place to live?

Fort Worth is a great city. The city’s factors and diversity are strong. Fort Worth has something for everyone, making it a great home.

What makes a city great is subjective. Some people prefer a small, tight-knit city, while others prefer a larger city with more options. A city should provide what its residents want and need. A city can be a great place to live if it has everything someone wants.

Many things make a city livable. Affordability is key. Housing costs shouldn’t be too high. Unemployment is another factor. A city needs a healthy economy and plenty of jobs.

Safety is also important. Nighttime should be safe and there shouldn’t be much crime. Amenities also matter. A city needs restaurants, bars, and other hangouts. City parks and green spaces are also nice.

Mistletoe Heights Historic Neighborhood
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An affordable cost of living

Fort Worth is reasonably priced. The City is cheaper than Miami and Los Angeles. Fort Worth’s cost of living is similar to Dallas‘s, so you’ll get more for your money. Plus, housing and grocery prices are 5% and 7% below the national average. Fort Worth recommends a $53,000 annual salary to live comfortably. Fort Worth residents save money by not paying state income tax. 

Fort Worth Texas Sundance Square College GameDay
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Unpredictable weather

Residents can expect humid subtropical summers and cold, windy winters. Fort Worth’s weather is mild but unpredictable year-round. July is the hottest month, averaging 96 degrees Fahrenheit. January is the coldest month, averaging 34 degrees Fahrenheit. The best months are April, May, and October. Fort Worth receives 37 inches of rain per year, just below the U.S. average of 38 inches.

229 sunny days a year are typical, but residents must be prepared for anything. Due to its higher elevation, the city receives the most snowfall in Texas, but only an inch per year. Large storms and hail often appear randomly in the spring as temperatures rise. Fort Worth is on Tornado Alley’s southern end, so residents must be careful. Residents need a plan for bad weather.

Downtown Fort Worth Snow
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There is always something to do

In Fort Worth, regardless of how you choose to spend your free time having fun and passing the time, you will never be at a loss for things to do. There is something for everyone to do in this city, whether you choose to hang out at a waterpark, take tours of local wineries, or check out one of the city’s many historical sites. Living in Fort Worth Texas guarantees that one’s life will never be dull. This is a given.

Fort Worth Texas Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark
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Pros and Cons of Living in Fort Worth

You may be looking to move to Fort Worth, Texas, or just curious about its livability, so we’ve listed its advantages and cons. This ranking analyzes livability criteria across national and state borders. This assessment should give a good understanding of the pros and cons of living in Fort Worth, but it may not include everything.

Downtown Fort Worth Fourth Of July
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Pros of Living in Fort Worth Texas

  • Livability – Fort Worth has above-average livability.
  • Cost of Living – Cost of living is a major consideration when moving. Fort Worth is cheaper than the national average and other Texas cities.
  • Education – If you’re moving to Fort Worth with school-aged children, you’ll love the education system. Fort Worth’s public schools are some of the best in Texas.

Cons of Living in Fort Worth Texas

  • Crime – Fort Worth’s crime rate is higher than other cities its size, yet it’s not hazardous. Fort Worth has high and low crime rates. It depends on the neighborhood. Fort Worth has many family-friendly places.
  • Density-related environmental factors – Population density and quality of life are correlated, but environmental and stress factors must be considered. It’s bad for the environment and stress, but it has social and economic benefits.

How Safe is Fort Worth, Texas?

Fort Worth crime is above the national and state averages. Violent and property crimes make up most offenses. Murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, and rape are higher than in most cities. Theft and arson are common property crimes.

  • Total Crime Rate – 33 per 1,000, above the national average.
  • Violent Crime Rate – 4 per 1,000, below the national average.
  • Property Crime Rate – Lower than the national average (28 per 1,000).
Fort Worth Fort Worth Police Officers Association
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