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The Top Tourist Attractions in Fort Worth Texas

Downtown Fort Worth

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If you’re looking for some fun tourist attractions in Fort Worth, you’ve come to the right place. This blog lists our favorite city spots. Whether you’re a fan of museums, parks, or restaurants, we have something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today!

Tourist Attractions in Fort Worth Texas to check out!

Fort Worth Stockyards

131 E Exchange Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76164, United States


Fort Worth Stockyards is a National Historic District with original brick walkways and wooden corrals. Two other things make the Stockyards unique besides the shops and restaurants. The Fort Worth Stockyards have a live cattle drive twice a day, year-round. Fort Worth Cowtown Coliseum hosts rodeos on Friday and Saturday nights.

Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District
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Kimbell Art Museum

3333 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107, United States


The Kimbell Art Museum has many collections to see. The collections include African, American, Ancient, Asian, European, and Precolumbian art. Some exhibits rotate, so visitors almost always see something new at this museum. Exhibits include Casanova, Louis Kahn, Monet, Castiglione, and Titian’s Entombment of Christ.

Kimbell Art Museum Fort Worth Texas
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Sundance Square

Sundance Square Fort Worth, TX 76102

The Sundance Square, a 35-block section of Fort Worth’s historic downtown core, is a popular destination for visitors and locals. With its many pedestrian zones, the area named after the Sundance Kid is safe and fun to explore on foot.

Sundance Square has many excellent shopping options, from high-end boutiques to large department stores. It’s also a vibrant cultural center with several important museums, including the Sid Richardson Museum with works by a revered ‘cowboy artist’

Sundance Square Fort Worth Texas
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Fort Worth Water Gardens

1502 Commerce St, Fort Worth, TX 76102, United States


The Water Gardens in downtown Fort Worth are more than just pretty fountains to look at. The Water Gardens are a refreshing contrast to the city’s hot urban landscape.

The 1974 Water Gardens have three pools in a 4.3-acre park. The “active pool” is a 38-foot-tall terraced area used as steps while water flows over the stone and into a central pool. The “aerating pool” is a collection of fountains lit at night under oak trees.

Fort Worth Water Gardens Fort Worth Texas
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Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

3220 Botanic Garden Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107, United States


Fort Worth Botanic Gardens has 189 acres of fragrant flowers. 14 gardens, plus the Compost Outpost, Native Texas Boardwalk, and Rain Forest Conservatory. People can tour the gardens on their own or on one of many tours. Botanic Gardens offer special events throughout the year to enhance visitors’ experiences.

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens Fort Worth Texas
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Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

3200 Darnell St, Fort Worth, TX 76107, United States


Although the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth has over 2,600 pieces of art in its permanent collection, they are unable to display all of them at the same time due to a lack of room. The art that is on display at the museum is considered to be post-World War II art. As a result, the permanent collection is changed around at the same frequency as the temporary shows.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth Fort Worth Texas
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The Sid Richardson Museum

309 Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76102, United States


The Sid Richardson Museum displays Western art at Sundance Square. Sid Williams Richardson bought much of the collection between 1942 and 1959, but the museum opened in 1982. Sid Richardson adored action or suspense paintings, thus the museum has many.

The Sid Richardson Museum Fort Worth Texas
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John Wayne: An American Experience

2501 Rodeo Plaza, Fort Worth, TX 76164, United States

In Fort Worth’s Stockyard sector sits John Wayne: An American Experience, a new museum. The museum shows John Wayne’s life and career starting from his childhood.

The galleries feature unique artifacts like John Wayne’s original writings and family photos. Art, song lyrics, and literature highlight John Wayne’s cultural effect beyond the screen. A John Wayne gift shop has unusual books, souvenirs, and western attire.

John Wayne An American Experience Fort Worth Texas
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Texas Motor Speedway

3545 Lone Star Cir, Fort Worth, TX 76177, United States

Visit Texas Motor Speedway, the state’s largest sporting stadium. The raceway has two big NASCAR races in the spring and fall plus activities all year.

The racetrack contains five race courses and the world’s largest projection screen, which is utilized for close-ups and movie evenings on non-race days. Even if you don’t come to the Texas Motor Speedway to see a race, you may take a Track Tour or go-kart at the Lone Star Kartpark on the speedway property.

Texas Motor Speedway Fort Worth Texas
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Log Cabin Village

2100 Log Cabin Village Ln, Fort Worth, TX 76109, United States


Fort Worth’s Log Cabin Village features genuine 1800s buildings salvaged from across the state. Fine ancient buildings include a water-powered gristmill, a one-room schoolhouse, a blacksmith shop, and several historic log dwellings.

The atmosphere is heightened by costumed interpreters re-enacting the lifestyle of early Texans and enjoyable participatory events, such as planting, games, and live entertainment.

Log Cabin Village Fort Worth Texas
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Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge

9601 Fossil Ridge Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76135, United States


Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge is a city park. 20 miles of paths go through plains, ponds, and woodlands. This is a fantastic site to wander or learn about conservation activities in Fort Worth.

Learn about the reserve’s ecology and fauna at the Hardwicke Interpretive Center, then hike one of the 0.16- to 3.25-mile routes. The routes pass Lake Worth, Lotus Marsh, and Bison Range.

Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge Fort Worth Texas
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Fort Worth Texas is a great city to live in. If you are looking for a place to visit, or even move to, check out all the city has to offer. From restaurants and tourist attractions in Fort Worth to apartments and neighborhoods, there is something for everyone in this vibrant Texan city.

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